John, Cristy, Brooklyn and Paxton

John, Cristy, Brooklyn and Paxton

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Summer Fun

Brooklyn and I spent lots of time at the pool this summer.  She loves the water!!

Give me more plum and no one gets hurt!

 We had a few fun family outings this summer.  One Saturday afternoon we went for a hike in Bella Vista.  Fortunately, it wasn't too hot under the shade of the trees. In the sun was another story!  This summer was another miserably hot one!!  We had record breaking heat with most of the summer being in the high 90's and 100's.

Looking good!!

 We also went to a drive through safari zoo.  Brooklyn wasn't too sure of some animals.

Brooklyn liked the goat!

Baby pigs, so cute!

A kangaroo!!

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